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Facts About Jen

Jen Hendershott is one of the world’s most famous fitness faces and personalities. She appears in magazines, websites, and TV ventures around the world. She continues to work as a model, motivational speaker, and personal trainer. She changes lives around the world with her passion and love for a healthy life and her need to help others.


THE 9 TO 5:

"Inspiring, modeling, training thousands of clients, public appearances, training celebrities, and speaking engagements make up my full-time job. It is a busy and unpredictable lifestyle, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I was definitely born to live this life."


"Being a college cheerleader and an active child led to hiring a personal trainer and a nutritionist. They encouraged me to set a goal to give fitness a try, so I entered a fitness competition in Columbus, Ohio. I won and immediately fell in love with competing and living a healthy life. This lead to a decade of titles and success. Winning two fitness international competitions and two Ms. Fitness Olympia titles were my greatest accomplishments while I was competing, however what I have been able to do during this time is develop the life I love the most. Starting a business called Phat Camp where I spend weekends with women who are looking to be motivated and educated was something I was born to do. This lead to my amazing online personal training business Get Phat Online, where I get to design programs with my team for people who want to live every day happy and healthy. I love being an entrepreneur so I continue expand myself and my mind. I currently own and operate Get Phit studio. Train celebrities and speak publicly to people of all ages about how to live a healthy prosperous life."


"Continually helping others achieve their goals and staying connected to my peers via the internet . I was born to help one person at a time so I am living out my role."


"Weight training to be Phit and 40. I am at a great age and I strive every day to still be in a size 2. I do cardiovascular training with high reps and light weight to maintain my tiny and tight physique."


"Helping others and of course my family and friends."



BA of Science in Education
BA PLUS degree in Elementary Education
PT certificate from ISSA


Fitness International Champion 2009 (Winner)

Ms. Olympia 2008 (Winner)

Ms. Fitness International 2008 (2nd)

Ms. Fitness International 2007 (2nd)

Miss Fitness Olympia 2007 (3rd)

Ms. Fitness International 2006 (3rd)

Miss Fitness Olympia 2006 (3rd)

Ms. Fitness International 2005 (Winner)

Ms. Olympia 2005 (Winner)

Ms. Fitness International 2004 (3rd)

GNC Show of Strength 2004 (3rd)

Miss Fitness Olympia 2004 (2nd)

Miss Olympia 2003 (5th)

GNC Show of Strength 2003 (3rd)

Ms Fitness International 2003 (5th)

GNC Show of Strength 2002 (4th)

Ms Fitness International 2002 (3rd)

Jan Tana Fitness Classic 2002 (4th)

Miss Fitness Olympia 2002 (5th)

Ms Fitness International 2001 (4th)

Jan Tana Fitness Classic 2001 (2nd)

Pittsburgh Pro Show 2001 (2nd)

Miss Fitness Olympia 2001 (6th)

Ms Fitness International 2000 (5th)

Jan Tana Fitness Classic 2000 (4th)

Pittsburgh Pro Show 2000 (4th)

Miss Fitness Olympia 2000 (7th)

NPC U.S.A. Fitness Championships/IFBB PRO 1999 (Winner)

U.S.A. Fitness Championships/Routine winner 1998 (10th)

North Americans/Routine winner 1998 (2nd)

NPC Nationals/Routine winner 1998 (7th)

Mike Francois World Gym Classic 1997 (Winner)

Junior Nationals 1997 (2nd) NPC Nationals 1997 (4th)




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